From keynote talks at major conferences to moderating and participating in panels and acting MC, Tom is an experienced speaker ready to engage with intimate groups of thirty to rooms of 1000+ or more. He has presented at TEDx, SXSW, TechCrunch Disrupt, WT Conference, The Wearable Technology Show, CVR, SVVR, The Experiential Technology Conference, AWE, FITC, TOM*FW and more. 

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

  • 03/11/2017: Worlds Fair Nano SF - San Francisco, USA
  • 04/14/2018: Dark Futures - Toronto, Canada
  • 05/30/2018: AWE USA 2018 - Santa Clara, USA
  • 09/21/2018: VRARA Global Summit - Vancouver, Canada

Current Speaking Topics

  • Black Mirror / White Mirror: A look at our Dystopic and Utopic AR Futures
  • AR's impact on Diversity
  • Augmenting Reality: Digitizing the Human Experiences
  • The AR Opportunity: 6 Areas of Investment in Augmented Reality
  • Becoming Human: Wearable Tech's Role in Connecting Us with Ourselves and Each other
  • Transforming Human Behaviour in wearing our tech
  • If these clothes could talk - learning a new language with wearable tech
  • Transforming Sports & Entertainment Through Wearable Tech 
  • Wearable Wellbeing: How Wearing Our Tech Will Heal The World
  • The New Rules of Advertising & Marketing in a Wearable World

Previous Speaking Engagements