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IEEE Rock Stars of Wearables

  • Brazos Hall 204 E 4th St Austin, TX, 78701 United States (map)

Wearables are ready to explode far beyond fitness tools. The day is coming when wearables will be as much a part of your business process as computers. But what stands in the way of that integration? And what markets will emerge for wearable technology? Rock Stars of Wearables goes far beyond the play toys of today’s market to uncover the opportunities for you. 

Speaker - Afternoon Session: 1:30-5:30PM

Becoming Human: Wearable Tech's Role in Reconnecting Us To One Another and Ourselves

Technology has become one of life’s necessities. But as we have become more connected online, we have lost our connection to our bodies and our ability to fully connect with people and the present moment. Our level of digital distraction is at an all-time high. And we are struggling to live successfully in the two worlds we have available to us: the physical and the digital one. As the next wave of computing, one of the promises of wearable technology is to make us more “human” again. In this session we will explore how sensor-filled devices will equip us with an understanding of ourselves like we have never seen before. And how wearing our tech, therefore integrating it with ourselves, begins to move tech into the background, allowing us to reconnect with each other and more easily concentrate on the present moment.

Later Event: September 24
MIXX 2015: This Digital Life